Globelics Working Papers publish high quality papers in the broad field of learning, innovation and competence building. The papers reflect the principal objective of Globelics: that development involves innovation and that successful innovation requires interaction and learning between a wide range of individuals, organisations and institutions.

How are the working papers published?

We publish the best papers from Globelics conferences and papers from members of the Globelics community. However, the series is open for all researchers who wish to contribute to the development of the theoretical foundations for Globelics.

What approach does the Globelics Working Paper Series use?

The approach in these papers is systemic, focusing on the relationship between parts in different systems, the relationship between different systems and the development of systems. The papers can analyze:

  • geographical areas with emphasis on Africa and other regions (in the south).
  • industries or sectors
  • social, institutional or political issues.

The series will also contain papers taking a “the world as a total system” approach. Therefore, we welcome papers that take a broader view on development by including e.g. environmental aspects or relating the research to innovation, such as the UN sustainable development goals.

Using the systemic approach in an interdisciplinary way

Specialization has long dominated sciences. This is notable in the aims and scope of academic journals. The importance of specialization in knowledge creation should not be underestimated. However, transgressing existing scientific boundaries through interdisciplinary research is important too. Therefore, we welcome papers using the systemic approach in an interdisciplinary way.

How can I take part in the Globelics Working Paper Series?

There are a few ways to become part of our Working Paper Series:

Through the Globelics conference

All papers submitted to the Globelics conference will go through a double blind peer review process. Some papers may be chosen to be potential Working Papers. All papers that have been selected as potential Working Papers will be sent to the editorial board. The editorial board then chooses which papers will be published in the Working Paper Series.

By invitation

If the editorial board has some particular topics or issues that they feel need more research, certain people can be invited to contribute a Working Paper to the series.

Through an open call

Currently the editorial board has an open call for papers that contribute to the research agenda: Globelics and the Anthropocene. You can contribute to this research agenda by submitting papers to the Globelics Conferences, or submit directly to the editorial board by contacting editor-in-chief Birgitte Gregersen. To learn more about the research agenda, please read the editorial note and background paper.

If you are chosen or asked to submit a paper, there are certain visual guidelines you should follow.

For more information, please download our working paper Style Guide.


If you have any questions about the Globelics Working Paper Series, you can contact editorial assistant Nina Kotschenreuther via this form or the email address provided below.


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